Commonly asked questions

Q.  How many people can we bring on the charter?

A.  On single day charters up to 40 anglers, but we recommend not exceeding 25. In the back cockpit, 15 anglers can fish at one time comfortably, from the front 10 or more can fish if the seas permit.  On overnight offshore trips for tuna, marlin, Wahoo, etc… Due to U.S.C.G regulations any trips exceeding 18 hours - the maximum amount of charter customers is 8.

Q.  What do we need to bring?

A.  Whatever you want to eat or drink.  We have a large “Green Egg” BBQ that customers are encouraged to use if they would like.  Also, we can make arrangements to have your charter catered in several different cost levels depending on your budget.  ** On overnight trips a sushi chef is available. Call for details or questions.

Q.  Can we bring our own coolers?

A.  Yes, and we have a cooler dedicated for customer use.  Additionally, we have a large onboard ice maker that customers are welcomed to use.

Q.  Can we bring alcoholic beverages?

A.  Yes, bring anything you want.  But, we ask that you bring can beer if possible, and please drink responsibly.  Alcoholic beverages are not sold on board.

Q.  Do I need a fishing license?

A.  No.

Q.  Can kids come on the charter?

A.  Yes, definitely.  We have all the proper safety equipment to accommodate children of all ages; however we recommend no children under the age of 3.

Q.  Can you accommodate people with disabilities?

A.  Yes.  We have all the accommodations in place for customers with disabilities. ALSO, we have a very good relationship with a local medical supply company if services or products are needed, i.e. wheel chairs, oxygen, etc…

Q.  Do we need to bring any tackle?

A.  No.  But if you wish to use your own tackle you may do so.  Please try and limit your carry on tackle to no more than one rod & reel and one tackle box.  Our boat is equipped with the best tackle available!

Q.  Do we get to keep all the fish we catch?

A.  Absolutely, yes!

Q.  Do you offer fish cleaning services?

A.  Yes.  $.30 per pound

Q.  Do you take credit cards for payment?

A.  Yes, all major credit cards accepted.

Q.  Can I bring my own personal G.P.S.?

A.  NO!  Anyone caught with a G.P.S. will loose it, and can be responsible for termination of the trip!

Q.  Are tips included in the cost of the trip?

A.  Normally no, but we offer some all-inclusive trips.  Our mates work for tips, and a 15 to 20% gratuity is customary.

Q.  What about weather cancellations?

A.  Any trip cancellations due to weather are the Captain’s decision.  The Captain will never put himself or his customers in harms way.  PLEASE keep in mind; it is our main objective, and we go out of our way on every trip to see that all of our customers have a wonderful fishing experience aboard the “Shady Lady”. BUT DO NOT MAKE ANY ASSUMPTIONS ON THE WEATHER OR SEA CONDITIONS.  THE ONLY PERSON THAT CANCELS A TRIP DUE TO WEATHER IS THE CAPTAIN.

Q.  Are there any refunds due to seasickness?

A.  If the trip is a private charter, it is the Captain’s discretion regarding any and all refunds or rescheduling of the trip for another day.  This is a case-by-case decision and the Captain will do everything he can to accommodate the passengers.  If the trip is a “walk on” trip, all anglers on board must agree to cancel the trip.

Q.  Can we bring any firearms?

A.  No.  And if any are found by the crew they will be remanded to the Captain until the end of the trip.

Q:  What is your cancellation policy?

A:  You have up to 20 days before a scheduled trip to cancel and receive a full refund.



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